A couple of design resources

I was reading a friend's livejournal, and someone replied with a fabulous resource for free fonts.

Also, I frequently use a royalty free (with some restrictions) stock photography site for collaging.

Does anyone else have any design resources that they recommend?


Luis Alves said...

Hi! In fact StockXchange is a great website, I myself am a contributer there with a few hundreds of images by the name of Fenix.

After a few years contributing to SXC I founded Gimmestock.com a 1 Dollar, one image concept.

Also, today I found this great website that shares Silkscreen, a free Pixel font, very useful for web designers.

If you want we can trade blog links, mine is Brainshitting.com

Take care!

moif said...

Hey Cyan, came across this site and thought you might like to check out the many links


Cyan said...

Luis, thanks for the info. I've been perusing your site, and there's some good stuff there. I'll definitely be checking back in...and nice to meet you.

Moif, thanks for the noir link. At this moment, I'm being pretty obsessive about that genre, and I think that a film noir binge may be in order.