The Sea Angler - Faith and the Muse

The Sea Angler
Musical Composition Faith and the Muse
Words written by Goethe

There was a gentle angler who was angling in the sea
With heart as cold as only heart untaught of love can be
When suddenly the water rushed and swelled and up there sprang
A humid maid of beauty's mold and thus to him she sang

"Why dost thou strive so artfully to lure my brood away
And leave them to die beneath the sun's all scorching ray?
Couldst thou but tell how happy are the fish that swim below?
Thou wouldst with me taste of joy which earth can never know."

The water rushed the water swelled and touched his naked feet
And fancy whispered to his heart it was a love pledge sweet
She sang another siren lay more 'witching than before
Half-pulled half-plunging down he sank and ne'er was heard of more.

On cycling and blogging

Only one ride this week, and it was only notable because 4.5 miles in, the wind and torrential rain came pouring down. We were stopped at a restaurant having dessert, so we waited it out, and then when we left, C and I had his & hers bike crashes. Isn't that sweet?

I wish I could blame some outside factor for my wreck, but the truth is that I tried to stop and my foot got stuck in the peddle basket. I went down while nearly standing still, so there was little damage. A bruised knee and a short-lived dose of embarassment.

C's wreck wasn't so friendly. The path was covered in water, and he took a sharp turn onto a wooden bridge at twenty miles per hour. His tire slid on the water, and he went down hard. The fork on his bike was trashed, and he's pretty banged up, but really, it could have been much worse. Bruises and road rash aren't the end of the world. He is having separation anxiety from his bike, though.

The rest of my week was filled with hospital visits and caretaking. I thought I was done with this for a while, but a new set of problems has arisen with another member of my family. I'm not emotionally ready to go into any detail, although my therapist has encouraged me to blog about my experiences. I'm just not sure how I feel about it. Up to this point, my blog hasn't had a significant amount of personal information in it. It was more of a place to share things of interest. I also feel that it's important to protect the privacy of other people who are involved. I've been trying to think of a way to share my experiences that 1.) doesn't violate outside trusts, 2.) helps me to process 3.) adds something of value to the blogosphere. I'm not interested in spreading negativity, but if my experiences could help someone else going through the same things, that wouldn't be a bad thing. 

I haven't decided whether or not to share additional information, but I did want to share my blogging dilemma. The blogs that I read most often and am most inspired by do tend to share a lot of personal information, and I often wonder if those bloggers experience the same sort of dilemmas that I'm experiencing...or are they just that much more open?