Films I've seen recently

A couple of random observations about films that I've seen recently:

- Tideland is a great film, and now I want to read the book by Mitch Cullin. It's a southern gothic fairytale, and it's simultaneously grotesque and innocent. I watched it weeks ago, and it's still haunting my dreams.

- The Forbidden Zone is everything that I thought it would be. For years I've been hearing the soundtrack and watching frightening renditions of the film performed by friends. Thank the universe for the Elfman family.

- Silent Hill gave me nightmares. I'm not going to describe the film, because Annie does a much better job over at Joe Horror, but I will say that Alice Krige always gives me the creeps. It's in the eyes.

- I think I'm the only person (aside from my husband) who didn't think that Borat was funny. From me, it only managed to garner a blank stare.

- 300 was pretty to watch because of the way that it was filmed, but it wasn't historically accurate (which I didn't expect since it's based on a comic, and it wasn't meant to be...just saying...). What the hell was up with the nine-foot tall, pierced Xerxes? Most of the costuming was really cool, but that just struck me as being a bit silly. Oh well.

- Time Bandits inspired naughty thoughts about dwarves in goggles. I need to get out more.

The Decemberists

On Sunday night, I saw the Decemberists play at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, and it was beyond delightful. Their live performance is even better than their studio recording (which is very good, indeed), and they interact well with their fact, interactive would be the key word.

Their music is difficult to describe. Words that come to mind are: sepia-toned, fanciful, nautical, folkloric, and thoughtful. Primarily, The Decemberists are storytellers, and they compliment their tales with music that's often reminiscent of sea chanteys and/or beautiful folk compositions.

I'll admit that when I first heard the band, I was taken by the lyrics, but I had a difficult time adjusting to Colin Meloy's unique vocal stylings. I kept listening because the pictures painted are so vivid that they've made their way into my fantasies, and now I'm fond of every aspect of the music including the vocals. There's an honesty and passion here that I find endearing, and it's become a part of the musical fabric that helps to define my world.

As an aside...I rarely go to a concert where someone doesn't manage to spill a beer or some other alcoholic beverage on me, and this was no exception. In this case, it happened while I was sitting in a toilet stall (for which I waited in the longest line that has ever existed). At the very moment that I saw the splash of vodka and lime penetrating my shoes, I heard a very passionate cry of "Noooooo!!!!!!" Honestly, I don't blame the girl for being upset. The drinks at the Fillmore Auditorium were $7.00, a price tag that I didn't discover until after I ordered a beer for myself.

Seriously...Fillmore folks. This is highway robbery, especially for a beer served in a plastic cup. If I'm going to spend enough money to buy the whole six pack, I'd like to cradle the bottle for a little while. I promise not to hit anyone with it. Honest.

And to the cute indie girl who kept touching my ass: Thank you for the titillation...even if it was an accident.

A couple of design resources

I was reading a friend's livejournal, and someone replied with a fabulous resource for free fonts.

Also, I frequently use a royalty free (with some restrictions) stock photography site for collaging.

Does anyone else have any design resources that they recommend?

L'inventaire Fantôme

Jasper Morello

My friend and fellow blogger, JRC-1138 directed me to the trailer of a short film called The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello.

The story takes place in a steampunk setting, and it draws its inspiration from Victorian Adventure stories. With skies sprinkled with airships (who doesn't dream about owning their own steam-driven airship?), mad scientists, lost continents, blood-sucking beasts, and a population in the process of being decimated by a macabre plague; this is quite a lot of fun in a small package...and what's even better is that the animation is quite beautiful. It certainly deserved the academy award nomination that it received for best short film in 2005.

You can see it in its entirety on the 2005 Academy Award Short Films Collection.