Jasper Morello

My friend and fellow blogger, JRC-1138 directed me to the trailer of a short film called The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello.

The story takes place in a steampunk setting, and it draws its inspiration from Victorian Adventure stories. With skies sprinkled with airships (who doesn't dream about owning their own steam-driven airship?), mad scientists, lost continents, blood-sucking beasts, and a population in the process of being decimated by a macabre plague; this is quite a lot of fun in a small package...and what's even better is that the animation is quite beautiful. It certainly deserved the academy award nomination that it received for best short film in 2005.

You can see it in its entirety on the 2005 Academy Award Short Films Collection.


moif said...

Still getting back on my feet so I can't see the You Tube clip you posted yet. Is it the same one as before or something new?

Cyan said...

It's the same one, but if you go to myspace, I posted links to the whole film in three parts.

moif said...


As soon as I get the online video's working I'll do just that =)