Films I've seen recently

A couple of random observations about films that I've seen recently:

- Tideland is a great film, and now I want to read the book by Mitch Cullin. It's a southern gothic fairytale, and it's simultaneously grotesque and innocent. I watched it weeks ago, and it's still haunting my dreams.

- The Forbidden Zone is everything that I thought it would be. For years I've been hearing the soundtrack and watching frightening renditions of the film performed by friends. Thank the universe for the Elfman family.

- Silent Hill gave me nightmares. I'm not going to describe the film, because Annie does a much better job over at Joe Horror, but I will say that Alice Krige always gives me the creeps. It's in the eyes.

- I think I'm the only person (aside from my husband) who didn't think that Borat was funny. From me, it only managed to garner a blank stare.

- 300 was pretty to watch because of the way that it was filmed, but it wasn't historically accurate (which I didn't expect since it's based on a comic, and it wasn't meant to be...just saying...). What the hell was up with the nine-foot tall, pierced Xerxes? Most of the costuming was really cool, but that just struck me as being a bit silly. Oh well.

- Time Bandits inspired naughty thoughts about dwarves in goggles. I need to get out more.


Princess Haiku said...

Have you seen Gothica? It's well done. I really like Henry James's "Turn of the Screw." Thanks for the movie reviews. Oh, wandered in here via Blue Tea. Nice blog.