Things I love Thursday: Let's get Ducky

Things that made me happy this week

Turning the yellow car into a rubber duck - My husband's MR2 is bright yellow, and what do you do with a blindingly yellow car? You paint it up like a rubber ducky, and you drive around catching smiles, of course!

Getting my assessment out of the way - I scored perfectly in writing and reading. but as expected, I didn't do very well in math. I'm okay with that. I'm just glad the assessment has been completed. It was an unchecked item on a list, and it was causing me stress. There are many other unchecked items, but small victories are worth celebrating.

Little things that brought me joy
Lush Karma Kream and Ocean Salt Making silly rubber ducky earrings to match the silly car Bringing home a fuscia plant Seeing Amanda Louise Spayd's work in motion Christoph bought me the graphic effects and typographic treatments idea index. I love this series of books. Inspiration abounds.


moif said...

Freja approves of the dock car!

moif said...

er... duck car

Cyan said...

Yay! I'm glad she approves. :)