Some squirrels are better than others

This week is all about the little things.

New beads from the gem and mineral show
The Raveonettes - Raven in the Grave
Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese
Chili Rellenos at the Blue Bonnet
Stargate Universe (The ONLY decent Stargate series)
Finding my lost camera
The squirrel ransom I received in the mail (I know who you are, and I highly suggest ensuring the safety of said squirrel... You DON'T want to mess with squirrel karma...)

I'm just trying to get through until August without obsessing too much about school. It's difficult for me to hurry up and then wait. I don't want to lose the momentum that I've built up, and unfortunately, there's nothing else to do on that front at this moment.

What I should be doing is enjoying the summer for what it is. I'll be busier than I'm used to soon enough, and this would be an excellent time to just sit back and appreciate the sun and the trees and the flowers.