Buying a House - Reason #2

Someone set the apartment building on fire today!

No kidding. The lovely people living in the apartment across from the laundry room decided that it was a good idea to cook a bunch of food and leave it unattended.

Christoph went downstairs to put in a load of laundry, and the smoke detector was going off and smoke was pouring from beneath the neighbor's door. No one was home, so Christoph called the management, and the fire department came with four trucks and successfully put out the fire. Thank you fire department!

Now the building wreaks of smoke, and we're all a little bit freaked out, but at least everyone is unharmed.

Even so...this is another reason to move into my own home. I just don't trust my neighbors.


moif said...

Has the smell lingered?

Cyan said...

It did for a few days, but it faded quickly enough.

I've been a little bit paranoid about my neighbors, though. It's not fun to think about having your safety and security tied to so many different people. Just a fact of life, I guess.

moif said...

The same thought has ocured to me, not least since we currently live upstairs from a fellow who gets drunk/stoned pretty regularly and has a habit of making food in the middle of the night.