My goal this week has been to meditate each morning for ten minutes. It seems like such a short amount of time. I thought, "no problem."

Yeah, right...

I'm amazed at how often my mind wanders, usually to negative things in the past or scenarios in the future that sometimes don't even belong to me. I re-live conversations, complete my work ten times over, and stress about situations that haven't even happened. It's no small wonder that my "now" feels chaotic. In my mind, it really is!

My desire is to become a more mindful person who lives in and enjoys the moment while it's happening. Someone who realizes that now is always the time to make life better, because yesterday is gone, and tomorrow doesn't exist until you're actually there.

It's easy to identify, but being an anxiety ridden stress fiend makes the journey a bit more difficult. I'll continue my ten minutes of meditation each morning and take it one day at a time, I guess.


moif said...

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Cyan said...

Thank you! I just added this to my feed reader. It looks like there's some great stuff on here.