India's Widows

Watching the film, Water, has inspired me to seek additional information about the current state of India's widows. Here are several interesting links that I found:

The Living Dead
Rhadika Chalasani (Photojournalist)
India's Outcast Widows Have New Havens
Tewfic Al-Sawy (Photojournalist)
The Greying of India


Anonymous said...

Are you on an India thing?


Cyan said...

Sort of.

I was reading the Dancing Girls of Lahore (which is actually in Pakistan), and it coincided with the Netflix release of Water. :)

Both are thought provoking, and so I've been following up with additional research.

Earlier in the year, I also read Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie. The partition of India into India/Pakistan is a really interesting subject.