I don't watch much television. I don't have reception in my apartment, and I refuse to pay for cable when there's very little worth watching. When I'm interested in a series, I order it from Netflix, which leaves me waiting for a significant period of time between releases.

This week, Christoph and I have been watching the second and final season of Carnivale after waiting eagerly for more than a year. I was riveted by the series up until the very last episode which was unable to provide significant closure to a story that was initially scheduled to run for six seasons. I'm extremely frustrated by this, and it further compounds my distaste for television.

I understand that entertainment is a business based on money, but what happened to the art of telling a story? Isn't that equally important? It seems to me that allowing for quality television would actually increase revenues, but I guess my tastes just don't coincide with the majority.

At the very least, I'd like to see a mini-series that wraps up the loose ends of Carnivale. It's not the most favourable option, but at least its something.