Legendary Pink Dots

If I had to choose one band to listen to for the remainder of my days, there's no real question regarding who I would choose. I'm an avid Legendary Pink Dots fan, and I have been for years. It's bordering on an obssession.

I just noticed that there are Pink Dots MP3s available for download on Epitonic.com which means that my only option is to proselytize.

Specific Recommendations:

And I'll leave it at that because if I don't, I'll end up listing every song on the page.


moif said...

The closest I can get to the LPD is the occaisional early Cure album. Its odd for though I like that style in visuals, films & art I don't really like it in music. The discordant vocals in partiular, annoy me.

What genre would you sat LPD belong to?

Cyan said...

They're difficult to categorize. The closest that I could really come is by calling them "psychedelia," because that's the only descriptor that really seems to fit their entire catalogue as a whole. Their main influence is kraut rock, but they've created a style that's unique to themselves.

I've talked to quite a few people who don't care for the discordant vocals (my husband included), but that's one of the draws for me. I also like the wide variety of instrumentation and the psychedelic wandering, but the main draw is the lyrical quality of the music. Edward Ka-Spel is primarily a storyteller, and his lyrics and themes paint vivid and sometimes profound pictures in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know, there are other obsessed people like me ;-) here´s my gift to LPD - www.efifes.com/lpd - lyrics to all their songs...

deviants must stick togetker! (Ed)

Cyan said...

For some reason I just saw this comment, but I wanted to say hello!

Deviants definitely must stick together, and I believe that it's humanly impossible to listen to the Pink Dots and not become obsessed. The music is completely engrossing, and every listening session is an experience unto itself. :)