Gothic Americana

The Denver Post recently ran an article, The Denver Sound and more, and it discusses some of the more interesting bands that have formed in this city.

"Whether it is called Gothic country, American Gothic or Gothic folk, the sound is dark, plainspoken and often morose. Sometimes it's morbid, yet it's also often uplifting - and always thoughtful."

My personal favourites are Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots, Woven Hand, and Sixteen Horsepower which make frequent rounds in my CD player, but the others a worth a listen as well.

Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots
Woven Hand
Sixteen Horsepower
Denver Broncos
Slim Cessna's Auto Club
Denver Gentlemen


moif said...

Gothic country? Zounds! The mind boggles!

Currently I am besotted with Yann Tiersen and the soundtrack from Amelie is on repeat in my computer.

Very Frankish!

Cyan said...

I love the Amelie soundtrack. Frankish, to be sure! :)

moif said...

Are you familiar with any one else who makes music like Tiersen?

Cyan said...

I'm not, but next time that I see my friend, Lindsey, I'll ask her. She's a bit of a francophile, and she's a big fan of Tiersen.