Life is full of glamour

I have two male pugs. One of those pugs is an alpha male called Nietzsche. We walk through the park three times a day, and he strategically rations his urine so that he can mark as many things as possible while he's outside...a little drip here, a little drip there.

Today was veterinarian day, and my job was to collect a urine sample. They gave me a shallow plastic tray to collect it in, a syringe to remove it from the tray, and a vial to fill. It seemed like a simple enough task, but things are rarely what they seem.

I've followed the little fuzzy monster on two separate walks through the park with onlookers aplenty, and my vial is still only 1/3rd of the way full. He peed on plants, trees, shrubs, signs, my hands... and only 1/3rd of the frelling vial.

This is not a glamorous life that I lead, but I love my snorty, little dog.


moif said...

What happened to your layout?

Cyan said...

Our web host went south, and we had to transfer everything to a new host. My blog images are MIA. They may be backed up somewhere, but I haven't had time to look. Hopefully, I can find everything, but if I don't, I'll eventually recreate it.