Just an update

I've not felt that I've had a lot to say recently. I'm just out living life to the best of my ability, and trying (not always successfully) to avoid life drama.

I did buy an old vintage bicycle. I've never really enjoyed cycling, but my husband bought a bicycle, and he loves it. These things are always more fun with two, so I finally agreed to give it a shot. So far it hasn't been bad, but I definitely need to develop some of the muscles that it takes to ride a bike. My longest ride, to date, has been eight miles, and I was exhausted when it was done...yet strangely satisfied.

Here's a picture of the bike. She's a vintage Motobecane, and she doesn't yet have a name (though I'm considering Miette as a tribute to The City of Lost Children. A French bicycle needs a French name, yes?)


moif said...

Oh yes and Miette is a great name.

Anonymous said...

Oui. C'est vrai. Et je pense que Miette est un bon nom aussi.


Biking is great exercise. 8 miles is pretty good for someone just starting out. Keep it up and those muscles will develop in no time. =)