In a haze of half wakefulness

Another longer period between entries, because life moves like the pattern of the tides…ebb and flow.

C and I have been seeing a lot of changes lately. Some of them are more difficult to embrace than others, but all of them are ultimately positive…I think. My schedule has shifted slightly, and I’m getting up earlier in the morning than I have in the past. It’s going to take some time to adjust, because I tend to stay up late, and I’m not sure that I’m ready to give up those quiet, evening hours. (The mornings are quiet, too, but it’s a different sort of space.)

One project that C and I have been working on is an Etsy shop to display some of his smaller sculptures. We’re still working on getting things right, especially in regard to the photography, but we’re learning as we go. If you’re inclined, take a look, and if you have any constructive feedback, I’m all ears.


moif said...

How does he get the copper to coil so accurately?

Cyan said...

He uses a set of round nose pliers to start the first and smallest loop in the coil, and each additional turn is done completely by hand.

moif said...

Well, I'm impressed by his skill then. I felt sure he'd used some form of matrix. I couldn't figure out what happe it must have had to allow him to have an internal wire within the coils. I discarded the notion of using his hands as unlikely due to the accuracy of the coils. I've tried to coil copper in the past and its always been a horrendous mess.

Cyan said...

I've tried it as well, and I'm horrible with wire.

It would be nice if he could use something to wrap the wire around, but he hasn't been able to come up with anything that would work.

It takes him quite a long time to complete each coil since they're being done by hand.