Cephalopods vs. Mankind

Interesting factoid of the day:

According to The Little Book of the Sea, the biomass of all individual specimens of cephalopods added together, now exceeds that of humanity as a whole.

In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming...but not for long...Cultists take note.


moif said...

Lorenz Schröter has cycled round the world, traveled with a donkey through Germany, visited 100 countries, lived three years on a small island before moving to Hong Kong. He has written novels and reportages of his travels. He currently writes for different magazines and public broadcasters. He is now attempting to climb the seven summits, runs marathon, writing one book every winter and cycling through 5 countries every summer. He lives in Berlin, Germany.

Wow, that guy needs to relax a little!

Cyan said...

Indeed! :)