Stroh Violin

The Stroh Violin was patented in 1899 by German designer Johannes Matthias Augustus Stroh. In order to amplify the sound, Stroh replaced the standard wooden body of the violin with a metal resonator. For this reason, it was often used during the time of phonographic recordings, but in the 1920s with the invention of the electric microphone, it fell out of common use.

The sound is a bit different than the standard violin, and you can view a video of the instrument being played at the Die Stroh-Violine website.

As I understand it, Tom Waits still uses this instrument in some of his recordings.


boinky said...

Linked to my blog.

Princess Haiku said...

Interesting. I have read stories about the history and lore of Strads. Is your blog titled related to Ulalume? I believed she lived beneath the sea; if I remember my Poe correctly.

Cyan said...

The title is from a song by a band called Gravenhurst. :)

walter said...

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