Singing Innocence and Experience by Sonya Taaffe

This volume contains some of the most brilliant prose that I've read in my lifetime. It's dense and well-crafted, and I've tried to take my time with it in an attempt to make it last. I've read and reread, and the feeling of absorbing Taaffe's lush and poetic imagery is like being intoxicated by a sweet and heady fruit that can only be found within the chronicles of myth.

My favourite stories are Constellations, Conjunctions, a wondrous tale about a woman made of stars, Shade and Shadow, a story of Orpheus and Eurydike and hungry ghosts, and A Maid on the Shore, a brief glimpse into the magic of the Selkie and the salty sea. Make no mistake, though. All of the other stories in this collection are worth their weight in gold especially if you have a love of myth, both classical and modern.