Anna Karenina and Wuthering Heights

On Friday night, I watched the first two episodes of the HBO series, Rome (which I'll be persuing more of), but most of this weekend has been spent entirely within the pages of books.

On Saturday morning, I finished Anna Karenina, and I must admit that I didn't care for it as much as I had hoped to. Tolstoy is fantastic in regards to characterization, and the novel was certainly well written, but he often lost my strict attention with frequent moralizing and drawn out forays into Russian politics. That's not to say that I don't understand the importance of the politics as they relate to the story, but it was all a bit long-winded for me. It's supposed to be one of Tolstoy's greatest novels, but I guess Tolstoy is just not my cup of tea.

In contrast, I started Wuthering Heights on Saturday evening, and I've barely been able to pull my attention away from it. I did manage to take a shower and brush my teeth, but beyond that, I've been hopelessly chained to the English moor. It's a dark and wicked story full of atmosphere, and it's perfect for October.


moif said...

I missed the first two episodes of Rome, but I've seen the subsequent five and I quite like it... though Rome itself seems a bit 'deserted'...

Cyan said...

The first two episodes didn't show too many exterior shots of Rome, so I haven't noticed that yet.

When I was perusing google, I did notice that Cleopatra vaguely looks like she's wearing drapery braids on her head.