If she knew what she wanted...

I've gone on a few more rides since the last time I posted, and I'm starting to notice the gradual building of muscle in my legs. This is pleasing to me, as I've always been rather waifish, and I relish the idea of having some muscle. I don't need to be completely ripped, but it would be nice to feel a bit less fragile than I always have.

Photo from today's ride. Prairie dogs and blue sky.

Watching... Alternating between Dr. Who and Robin Hood. We also have the Czech film Daisies sitting here, but we haven't watched it yet. I'm thinking it will be this week sometime.

Reading... Finished Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson, but I need a break before I tackle the rest of the series. It was feeling a bit sluggish at the end. I just started A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, because it's one of Ich Mag Sie Nicht's favorite novels. She has great taste in literature.

Listening... This week, I've mostly listened to music during my rides. A lot of VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, and Concrete Blonde.

Wanting... fun in the sun, short-term goals

Trying... to focus on something. Anything, really.


moif said...

I've been riding back and forth to my new work place after the company moved. Its 7km up hill all the way every morning for me from now on. Already loving it in the summer sunshine!

Cyan said...

You're more man than I (figuratively and literally, of course). I can do the distance, but I'm not so fond of hills...yet. I'll get there.

The summer sunshine is absolutely welcome!