A while back, I was seeing an acupuncturist to deal with pain in my extremities. At the time, I assumed that the pain was arthritic but have since determined (with the help of my physician) that it’s a circulatory issue. I’m still using some of the therapies that the acupuncturist taught me, but what I’ve also found to be helpful is incorporating yoga into my daily routine…particularly the poses that require deep stretching.

I’ve been using a DVD called Yoga for Absolute Beginners by Marlon Braccia, and she has a routine for increasing flexibility. That one seems to be working the best since it generates more heat in the muscles than some of the other routines on the disk. The production quality is not very good, but the instructor has a soothing voice, and she does a great job of explaining correct posture and breathing techniques (which get passed over in a lot of beginner yoga DVDs…but they are hugely important). I also really like the pacing of the routine because it gives me time to really work the poses.


bucket said...

My parents have been doing yoga for a long time, I myself just do a small routine for flexibility. My mum and dad do it for exercise and spiritual health, they attend one class that uses the "singing crystal bowl" I am not sure if you are familiar with this.
I personally have a hard time with meditation, my mum even put me in meditation classes when I was younger, I was the one in the class that always fell asleep.

The state in between wake and sleeping is a really hard place for me to go to. Perhaps it is because I have sleeping issues to begin with I dunno but I wonder how my life would change if I could learn to hang out there once and awhile.

Cyan said...

I attended one class years ago that used the crystal bowl during the meditation portions of the class, and I know that it's also used in Reiki. I'm not really familiar with the concept behind it (something to do with the chakras...I think), but the sound is really quite soothing.

Meditation isn't easy for a lot of people. My mind wanders a lot, and I have to pull myself back in frequently, but focusing on the breath seems to help. I think that trying to get into that space for even a few minutes can be beneficial.

Budo said...

While I am sorry to hear about your circulatory issues, I'm happy to know yoga is offering you some relief. You pay Marlon Braccia some wonderful compliments. A lot of folks try yoga once and find the instructions are too complicated. I hope you continue to receive the the countless benefits from this ancient practice!

Cyan said...

Hi Budo! It's nice to see you, especially since I've been a bad nixar and haven't been over to Barscape for a while.